About Hydro Mech Parking

We are pleased to introduce our self as a pioneer in fabrication since last 10 years we have upgraded our self in designing and installation of multilevel car parking system to meet day to day space problem in residential, commercial and industrial complex we had worked for multinational companies and had a team of experienced mechanical/electrical engineers and quality supervisors in this field.

The brief profile about Hydro-Mech Parking, which can double triple or multiply your single parking space and saves your lakhs  of rupees too.

We are specialist in two pole stack system, Pit parking system, cantilever stack system, vertical horizontal system, kart system, special type parking system depending upon the clients available space etc...

Our entire product is based on latest imported quality hydraulic & mechanical equipment's.

The Two poles and Cantilever system created by Hydro-Mech Parking can be used in garages at home, commercial parking lots, and office parking or any where parking space is limited.  The under ground Pit Parking system hides cars entirely underground and allows independent car access without moving one car to access another. These under ground, or subterranean parking systems are the original hydraulic system designed for parking and have been carefully engineered for independent access to vehicles in private homes or multi-family residences where space is valuable.  The underground parking stacker is also used to store collector cars below ground for the best in security and independent access to each vehicle.

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