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Pit Parking Systems in Mumbai

Four Post Three level Pit Parking System. (Pit +Ground +1)(Dependent System). Model No. 3LPPS/M/B.

This Pit Parking Systems in Mumbai offers parking for 3 cars; one on the ground and one in the pit and one on the first level. The car on the ground level of Pit Parking Systems will need to be removed before lowering the first level platform or lifting up of the platform that goes into the pit.

Pit Parking Systesm
  • Three platforms per system.
  • Four post structure system can be installed in door and out door.
  • Hot dipped galvanized floor pallets to reduce dead weight & increase durability.
  • Electromagnetic locking mechanism from start to end at each position..
  • Remote switch box with keys/push button for easy operation.
  • Dual height limit switches on each machine (extremely safe and reliable).
  • Can be customized to suit a client’s particular application.
Models System Length (L) Available length inside System Width (W) Inside width Height (H) H1 H2 H3 Pit depth Car Category
TLPPS 4500 4300 2300 2100 5300 1700 1800 1700 1900 Small cars
TLPPM 5500 5300 2500 2300 5600 1800 1900 1800 2000 Med sized Sedan
TLPPB 5500 5300 2700 2500 6000 1900 2000 1900 2100 Large Cars/SUV's
General Specification:
  • Fully hydraulic based system.
  • Load capacity 2000 Kg. of each pallet
  • Standard dimension for the unit is L 5500 X W 2500 X H 6200.
  • Very less power consumption (2.2kw./3HP)
  • Lifting time 35-45 sec. each pallet.
  • Key operated to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Totally enclosed Compact Power pack system.
  • Imported Quality hydraulic valve to operate the system.
  • 24v DC. Control circuit is used to prevent any electrical shock.
  • Heavy fabricated structural work for long life.
  • Double coated Painted structural items.
Pit parking system diagram
These Pit Parking Systems in Mumbai is used mostly because it saves time in removing car out from parking. Pit Parking Systems can be used in the place with less parking height.

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