Puzzle Parking System Mumbai

Puzzle Parking Systems in Mumbai

Multiple parking cars to the limited parking space ,save a great deal of room.

We are the leading supplier and manufacturer of Puzzle Parking Systems in Mumbai. So now more cars can be parked in a small and limited space of Puzzle Car Parking Systems in Mumbai. This automated Puzzle Parking Systems in Mumbai or automatic car parking system is especially meant for residential and commercial area and vehicles can drive in and out without moving other cars of Puzzle Car Parking System Suppliers in India. Thus, no operator is required and the car parking system is available in 2 rows, 2 verticals and upto 2 rows or 2 verticals depending upon the space available for Puzzle Parking System in Mumbai.

Puzzle Parking System is a multi level parking system having vertical as well as horizontal motion for Puzzle Parking System. It is an ideal product for outdoor installation and can go up to 4 levels above ground (Entry Level+4 levels) for Puzzle Parking System. It is operated on microprocessor based system. Upper level parking are strictly for sedan cars while at entry level there is a provision of SUV s in the standard model comfort for Puzzle Parking. However we can design the higher rating systems as per the actual requirement for Puzzle Parking System in Mumbai.

Advantages: Independent parking No need of operator The system is available in 2 to 6 levels both above and below the ground or in combination as well Saves money Grid structure is flexible The system has built in operational and functional safety features User friendly and cars can be retrieved using Push button / coded keys or Smart cards Puzzle Parking System in Mumbai.Except the top floor ,each floor has a spare parking space and front-rear guide rails. Each parking space has a pallet which moves horizontally on the guide rail. The pallets on the top floor make up-down movements while the ones on the ground floor make left-right horizontal movement for Puzzle Parking System in Mumbai, the other ones can move either left to right or up and Down through continuous space shift, parking and fetching a car can be realized.

Puzzle Parking System in Mumbai

Main Technical Specification

  • Elevating speed : 6.3m/min.
  • Horizontal-moving speed : 7m/min
  • Noise : ≤60Db(A)
  • Max. collection time; 90s
  • Hoist or lower the drive way :roller chain, steel wire rope (optional).
  • Control way : PLC.
  • Operational type :ten keys, touch screen ,IC card (optional)
L 6200 6400 6200 6000 5500
W 2600 2700 2600 2500 2400
H1 2360 2010 2010 2010 2010
H2 1680 1680 1680 1680 1680
H3 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600
H 9000 8650 8650 8650 8650
Puzzle Parking System in Mumbai
Puzzle Parking System in Mumbai

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